Equalizers V.3 | Draft



An on-ear headphone designed by audio enthusiasts and fitness professionals in collaboration with a small team of dedicated audio engineers. The V.3 steps it up combining quality sound and build with the versatility and style you have come to expect from our range.
We understand comfort and durability are important for those who live an active lifestyle. You want a set of headphones that can take a hit and not crumble and are so comfortable you don’t even know you’re wearing them.

The design of our comfort-cushioned on-ear headphone allows long wear time without discomfort, while the innovative ‘waffle’ ear cups buffer outside noise and disperse moisture for an immersive listening experience in or out of the gym.

Made from a combination of Metal Alloy and ABS casting they are strong, flexible, and able to withstand the elements.
Gripped Equalizers V.3 come with a 1 year manufactures warranty. If they have a fault we will fix or replace them.


When it’s time to work, you don’t want distractions.. All you want is you, the sweat, and the sound..Gripped Equalizers V.3s deliver booming bass and clean vocals, to help you get in that zone.

The latest in audio tech, Twin 40mm Dynamic Drivers never fail to deliver a high end audio experience.

We are constantly connected to our headphones, down time is important and exercise is how a lot of us ‘unplug’. Going wireless will allow you to leave the phone and still enjoy quality audio playback without any distractions.

Our Bluetooth V4.2 system delivers high end audio while maintaining stability and range.
Wearing a set of Gripped Equalizers V.3s instantly grants you access to our community of audio lovers and athletes worldwide. A community that is drawn together through the love of music and the active lifestyles we lead. Whether you are a pro athlete, a dedicated gym lover or someone who is driven by the emotion of music we all unite when Gripped headphones are put on.

When you put on a set of Gripped Equalizers V.3s, you’re not just putting on a set of headphones, you’re joining a community that is united in the active lifestyles we lead and the love of music that drives us to push that little bit harder.. to be more than we were yesterday.

Whether you’re a pro athlete, a dedicated gym lover, or someone who just can’t get through the day without music. In some way, we all hear the same beat.