Kai Greene is one of the best bodybuilders of the modern era. Aside from being a veteran IFBB professional bodybuilder, he is also a personal trainer, artist, and actor. He has won various competitions and is recognized around the world for an incredible physique, with his most recent victory being the 2016 Arnold Classic.

For most of his avid fans, he is the enigmatic one. Kai, also known as “The Predator”, perceives bodybuilding as a sport and an art, and he also believes that human physique is a medium of complete expression and communication. Kai Greene is one of the outstanding competitors who have unofficially been given the People’s Champ accolade by the masses. The IFBB and bodybuilding as a whole was a platform that gave him so much opportunity – now he’s using that opportunity to do brand new things in an even bigger arena.

• Kai is a native of Brooklyn, New York and was raised in foster care and institutional placements from age six where he found weight training as his refuge.

• In seventh grade, he was relatively larger than most of his peers and this rapid physical growth and development caught the attention of his seventh grade English teacher. Because his behavior was considered by the school to be troublesome, he was introduced to bodybuilding which became his behavior modification tool.

• Not many people knew about this but Kai had always aspired to become a visual artist. Later on, he was able to achieve this and his body became the subject of study. He became his own living model.

• 5th Avenue Gym, a small basement gym in Brooklyn, NY, became his home and institute for competitive education.

• Kai Greene was only 18 years old when he turned pro with a natural organization making him the youngest natural professional bodybuilder in the world.

• In the summer of 1997, Kai aimed to gain professional recognition with the IFBB and so he competed in the NPC. His goal was to win the Team Universe and acquire pro status with the IFBB through the Amateur World Championship. After two unsuccessful attempts, Kai won the heavyweight division and overall title at the Team Universe in 1999 and was invited to compete at the World in Bratislava, Slovakia.

• Despite placing fourth out of dozens of the world’s best competitors, he was still disappointed. Kai took a four year hiatus to continue the never-ending work on developing his physique. He was determined to take his rightful place in the pro ranks. In 2004, he won again in the NPC Team Universe as the heavyweight and overall champion by unanimous decision. This win sealed his transition to the IFBB Professional ranks.

• He came in second place at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Mr. Olympia competitions.

• Kai has started filming for the upcoming Chinese and American co-venture film “Crazy Fist” which is currently on post-production and set for release in 2018. He plays the role of a villain who fights the protagonist in an arena during the film's opening sequence. Greene also played the role of Funshine in the second season of the hit Duffer Brothers science fiction-horror web television series "Stranger Things".


- 2 Time Arnold Classic Champion

- 2 Time Australian Pro Champion

- New York Pro Champion

- Olympia Runner Up

Latest News

Dave Palumbo Breaks Down Kai Green’s Hints at Olympia’19 Comeback


In a September 20 episode of RXMuscle Rant, retired American bodybuilder Dave Palumbo talked about Kai Greene and his recent hints at a possible return.

Palumbo then went on to discuss why he thinks Kai Greene decided not to do the Olympia this year.

“Here's the way I see it. Kai Greene said that he won't do the Olympia this year because he had some problems with the people running the Olympia. He said he didn't want to run in with them and be disrespected by them. I don't think that's the case because that's a business decision. Business can always be put to the side.

I think he felt that he couldn't beat Phil Heath. I don't know if he thinks he can't beat him politically or physically or mentally. The last time we saw those two on stage, there was almost a physical altercation in front of the crowd. In the press conference two days before that, Phil had really gotten into Kai's head and I've never seen Kai lose his cool like that. So I don't know if Kai just didn't want to mess with Phil and just backed off from the whole situation.

Now that Phil's gone, maybe Kai feels that politically the air is open, and that he didn't have to worry about Phil psychologically, because obviously Phil got into Kai's head after all the raging battle and rivalry for many years.”

Palumbo believes that Kai Greene is reconsidering the Olympia because The Predator didn't lose his size.

“He's still the same Kai Greene. He certainly has a lot of mass on him still. He can probably jump in at any show at six weeks.

He's obviously been waiting for the right opportunity and the right show to compete in because I don't see why he would stay so big because believe me, it's not comfortable to walk around that big.”

For Palumbo, Kai’s return to the Olympia stage would actually be good for both The Predator and the Olympia, as well as the fans. He said that the 2019 Olympia would be an epic battle if everyone was to see Shawn Rhoden have to take on Kai Greene, Phil Heath trying to regain the Olympia title, Big Ramy if he comes in on-point, and possibly even the debut appearance of Flex Lewis in the open.

“Business can always be ironed out. and I'm sure they can make it work because they know Kai is good for business and Kai knows he's good for business. After all, Kai wants to win the Olympia. That has been his dream since he was a kid.”

The question remains though if Kai is indeed being for real, or if he’s only enjoying the bodybuilding world and his sizeable social media following.

 The possibilities are endless and the speculations are only getting more and more exciting.

 Can Shawn Rhoden repeat? Will Phil Heath get the title back? Will Kai Greene come in and be the wildcard, beat everyone and finally get the title that he worked his whole career for?

Will the younger guy, Flex Lewis, shock everyone by winning the title?