April 12, 2019

Why Your Headphones Drivers Matter and What Makes Ours Different


Hunting for the best quality headphones that perfectly suit your needs can be a daunting task given the number of brands and styles available on the market today. Different companies have different ways of advertising their products and quite a lot like to advertise how big their drivers are. And if you’re a first-time buyer who doesn’t want to deal with complex and technical headphones specs, this may appear a little overwhelming to you. 

Don’t worry because we will cut through the jargon to shed more light on one of the most common and widely-mentioned headphone components— the driver — why it matters… and of course, what makes GRIPPED different.


What is a Driver?

Picture a tiny version of a loudspeaker inside your headphones. That’s the driver. It is basically the element inside your headphone responsible for the vibration that creates sound waves that enter your ears. Technically, the driver unit vibrates back and forth in response to an electrical current and sound is produced. Drivers are measured by diameter usually expressed in millimetres.


Why Do Headphones Drivers Matter?

Because we see the driver size heavily advertised by a lot of headphones brands, it may seem that the bigger the driver is, the more powerful output it's capable of producing.

Here’s what we would like you to know — that is definitely NOT TRUE. While a larger dynamic driver is able to move more air, you don’t necessarily need to move a lot of air in a pair of headphones to make them go. This is the reason why even tiny earbuds that have teeny tiny driver units inside can still make a ton of great quality sound. Truth is, the size of the drivers does not actually say a great deal about the sound.

Also, here’s another important take that we would like you to remember — a more powerful sound output does not necessarily mean better output.

So why do headphones drivers matter, again? Well, it only matters because the QUALITY of the driver makes a huge difference to the sound.



What Makes Gripped Drivers Different?

The ear pads in Gripped headphones deliver excellent sound quality, courtesy of a duo of 40-millimeter high-quality, custom-tuned dynamic drivers. Dynamic audio drivers use larger diaphragms and do a great job at producing powerful bass. They also achieve the right amount of sound pressure without consuming much power.

While the choice of drivers boils down to your personal preference and what you’re going to use your headphones for, we’d like to stick to our point on the QUALITY of the driver making the greatest difference to the sound.

At Gripped, we pride ourselves with our years of experience in the personal audio industry.  We continue to develop long-lasting relationships with leading manufacturers to bring you only the best quality materials to make high-quality headphones. Our 40-millimetre dynamic drivers are custom-tuned to deliver a thick bass punch with a perfect amount of crisp highs and clear mids. They are clear and loud in a way that totally enhances your music and experience at the gym.

If you want something that delivers quite a punch and will immerse you right into the action, Gripped is definitely a great choice.



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