July 27, 2018

Imagine starting your morning with a long list of things to do running through your head like a google search stuck on refresh. As you run out of the house, you grab your keys, cards, cell and earphones — ready for what the day holds ahead.

Overwhelmed by the uncertainty of how your day will go, you pause in hesitation, anxious about forgetting something, figuring out the best direction or the smartest choice to make.

Suddenly, you feel stuck out of a fear of making the wrong move. In an effort to clear your head, you put on your earphones, play your favourite track, and turn
up the volume as loud as possible until you feel your anxieties slowly washing away.

Gripped Actives make this possible and easy for you. Made with quite possibly the loudest commercially manufactured drivers for wireless earphones coupled with noise isolation capabilities, the Actives are designed to truly allow you to switch off from the world!

Its time to get you up close and personal with the Gripped Wireless Actives, but don't blame us if this makes you want to get your hands on it quick! 

Gripped Actives — Revisited

For those of you who have been #GFALoyals for some time now, you may have noticed that our Gripped Actives are back better than ever with features that will take your listening experience to the next level. (Shoutout to our awesome #GFALoyals who have been with us since day one! We owe it all to you!)

Driven by our love for music, fitness, and an active lifestyle, we decided to not only revisit, but also to re-invigorate and re-engineer, the Gripped Actives to bring you the Audio excellence that you all deserve.

To make sure that we give you quite possibly the loudest commercially-produced drivers for an earphone ever created, we asked our engineers to test other leading earphone brands on the market so that we can benchmark our sound quality, surpass it, and formulate the best sound signature that we can pack into this re-engineered unit!

The new and better-than-ever Gripped Actives are also made for those of you who have long been requesting for an in-ear model of the Equalizers. Since not everyone has on-ear headphones as their number one preference, we made it a point to give each and every one of you exactly what you need.

Although each type of headphone is designed with a specific target market and purpose of use in mind, we understand that some of you want earphones
that are generally easy to carry in your pocket, which is good if you are using them on-the-go.

Getting to know the Gripped Actives

Connected via wire and neckband, the Gripped Actives Wireless earphones are affordable headphones that deliver the ultimate balance in top-quality audio performance, phenomenal fit, seamless design, and multi-sport functionality.

They are sweat-resistant, impressively lightweight, and boast 6 hours of use on a single charge. The controls are within reach at the left-hand end of the collar, and include a built-in mic and volume controls, which make music management and phone calls easy to reach.

Tangle-free cord, controls at your fingertips, and charged and ready in under two hours, the Gripped Actives are especially created to match your lifestyle.
Supreme Sound. Equipped with custom-tuned dynamic drivers that deliver crisp highs, clear mids, and deep bass, you can experience the highest sound quality possible across all types of music.

The re-engineered Gripped Actives is truly LOUD you just have to try it!

Bluetooth wireless. When it comes to active lifestyle, hassle and discomfort are the very last thing you need. Ten meters of cord-free Bluetooth means you can do it all without reaching for your phone. These are also absolutely perfect when you are exercising and don't want to get tangled up in your own wires.

Secure earbuds. The most common issue with earphones is that most of them are prone to falling out of your ears, so not every model is good for exercising. But hey, don’t fret because we have got you covered! The lightweight, low-profile, and comfortable around-the-neck collar of the Gripped Actives keeps the earbuds in place even during long, intense workouts without compromising your style.

Hands-free calls. Never miss a call while working out as you can easily navigate your device with the conveniently located microphone and remote at the left-hand end of the collar.

Easy to Operate Control. To adjust the volume or switch up your favorite tracks, simply use the plus and minus buttons in the built-in remote. Press the middle button to answer/end calls or play/pause music.

Sweat-resistant. Designed to be worn during heavy physical activity, Gripped Actives are sweat resistant so you can wear it safely during intense training that usually leaves you drenched in sweat.

Long Battery Life. A rechargeable battery keeps the music going for your workout
throughout the day. Plus, the battery fully recharges in just under two hours! Isn’t that amazing?

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