May 12, 2018


In this tutorial, we show you how to sync your Equalizer V3 Headphones to your iPhone using the Bluetooth feature.

First, make sure your headphones are turned on.

To do so revert back to the “How to turn on your headphones tutorial”.

Go ahead and grab your iPhone and go to the settings App.

Once you are in the settings App look for the Bluetooth Tab.

Click on the Bluetooth tab and make sure the Bluetooth is turned ON.

Once the Bluetooth is ON it will start searching for “other devices”. The Equalizer V.3s will pop up under the other devices heading.

Once you see the Equalizer V.3’s on the screen you can click on the Tab. This will start the connection with the headset.

Once you see that they are “connected” you are ready to go. You can now start listening to all of your favorite tunes.

This is how you sync your Equalizer V.3 Headphones to an iPhone.


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