July 15, 2018

Tony Surphman is someone you need to follow if you are not already.Tony is an athlete and trainer who loves to evolve himself and others to the next level.



He is an online social media influencer who dwells mainly in the fitness and fashion genre, his forte is fight choreography and extreme flips mixed with gymnastics and martial arts, making his Instagram very interesting visually. Tony loves networking and collaborating with other creatives with the same drive! He tends to focus on conquering the unorthodox if he is the first person to do something that hasn’t been done he makes sure he goes at it 110%. Tony loves doing what others don’t consistently day in day out is what separates him from the norm. Tony's training Focus ranges from aesthetics & function, calisthenics & acrobatics along with hypertrophy training and body sculpting. He pushes the limits by training new exercises and movements while incorporating music, beat-drops, and 808s.

Click Tony's playlist below to see what music gets him fired up to take his unique style of training and movements to the next level. 



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