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A HUGE Thank You to everyone who participated in our "Winklaar Bro's GRIPPED LIFT" Giveaway!

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Why fitness?


I always trained for the army but Roelly asked me to join him, we used to have fun back in those days competing against each other.I joined the army in 1999 and as part of my basic training for that my instructors had my colleagues and I perform hundreds of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and running laps. Despite that, I decided on my own to incorporate weight training for the purpose of strengthening my legs for soccer (I played head division, the highest amateur division in Holland). With summer coming up, I also wanted to look good in my tank tops - "Sun's out, Guns out"- you know how it is hahaha! After I saw the great development and changes in my physique from weight training I wanted to keep refining, growing and building. Plus training with Roelly was fun, back in those days we would always compete against each other.


I used to play soccer "Dutch football" but I got injured at my ankle and could not be selected anymore. Then a friend of mine asked me to train with him and to do a competition and if I won I would get a free gym membership. We started for the fun now I am a pro and doing it professionally.


What sets you apart from other athletes?


Each coach has different styles to train their athletes my difference is I focus on my weaknesses.


I do my best to focus on my weaknesses until they are my strengths


How would your best friend describe you?


Funny and friendly


Serious and funny at the same time. I’m a Big man with a Big heart.


What are your personal long term and short term goals?

 Quincy: My goal, for now, is to win a Pro competition and make a bigger name in the fitness industry. I would love to qualify for the Mr. Olympia

Roelly: My long term goal is to win the Mr Olympia one day. The short term goal I already achieved, that is to be in the top 3 of Mr Olympia, which was such an incredible feeling.


Who inspires you? 

Quincy: My wife, she is my training partner and sometimes coach.

Roelly: My uncle dex (Dexter Jackson) I really look up to him and of course my brother Quincy.

Roelly Winklaar With Dexter Jackson


What keeps you going on the hard days?

Quincy: My wife, my brother and my sister they keep me on track and focused.My big brother Roelly keeps me motivated. I can see up close how he trains and follow his progress and that is the best motivation I can wish for.

Roelly: Video call with my kids and family keeps me motivated and focused. ButIt’s like a day without laughter is a day you are not living. That is for me a day without training is a day that I'm not living.. What motivates me is I wanna win Mr. O one day.


What are your favorite times to use your Gripped Headphones?

Quincy: When i am in the gym or when I am traveling

Roelly:When I am relaxing the most at home with some R&B and soul music. But also to help me push through my workouts.


What has been your favorite moment on your fitness journey?

Quincy: The day I won my pro card

Roelly: The day I have received my award for the very first People’s Champ award at the Mr Olympia.


What’s a random fact that many people wouldn’t know about you?

 Quincy: That i can be a comedian and rapper when I am in the mood

 Roelly: That i love Candy especially MnM’s


What advice would you pass on to someone in their own fitness journey?

Quincy: To be strong because the beginning is the hardest, but once you get through it you will reach your goal.

Roelly: People that start I would say, You can achieve anything you want because everyone can as long you want it.


What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

Quincy: I eat 8 meals a day all the same chicken/steak or fish with rice and potatoes

Roelly: i have 7-8 meals a day typically with chicken, meat, eggs, protein powder, rice, potatoes and vegetables. I Also have nuts, oatmeal and fruit.


What's your favorite place to eat?

Quincy & Roelly: At “Your mother's house” restaurant (owned by my mom)


What is your Favourite Quote?

 Quincy: Train your body not your ego

Roelly: Never stop dreaming, make it a reality


What are your hobbies and interests outside of fitness?

Quincy: Quality time with my daughter, traveling, Watching movies, being surrounded by family and friends.

Roelly: Quality time with my kids, Swimming, Watching movies, being surrounded by family and friends, they are the most important thing in my life.


How many pairs of shoes do you own?

 Quincy & Roelly: Too many to count, Roelly and I are shoe addicts especially on the Jordans


If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

 Quincy: Caribbean food made by mom

Roelly: Fungi and Yogurt, it's a Caribbean food


What type of music do you listen to?

 Quincy and Roelly: Old skool music soul and R&B and sometimes hardcore music


Are there any foods you don't enjoy that they force themselves to consume?

Quincy & Roelly: We both don't like Vegetables but they are necessary for you so we make sure we get them in our diet.


What is the worst injury you have ever had?

Quincy: I do not remember, i have been pretty lucky

Roelly: my motorcycle accident in 2014 which forced me to pull out of the Arnold Classic contest a few been before.


What is the last movie that you watched?

Quincy: Bon bini holland 2

 Roelly: Bon bini holland 2 we watched it together


What is your most unusual talent?

Quincy: Hunting in the woods

Roelly: I used to be very good at athletics


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February 07, 2019

Reall champ story

Tracy Hensley
Tracy Hensley

February 24, 2019

I admire and respect both brothers for their drive and mostly for their sense of family… especially their love for their mother.
Mine was awesome too.!

George chamberlain
George chamberlain

February 07, 2019

Love them both been inspired by the ever since I started they have great physiques and a great mind set to over there downfalls and injuries I’d love to we them and maybe train with them in this life Time


February 24, 2019

These legends are motivational and goals!

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