May 30, 2018 1 Comment

Dr Layne Norton shares his thoughts on the Equalizer V3 Headphones and tells all about what he likes about them. 

Hear what he has to say. 



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Lome Faatau
Lome Faatau

June 13, 2018

This is a great feedback from Layne Norton. I agree it’s a bit on the pricey side. I have a pair similar with over the ear fit as Norton described, but I previously had a different pair which is like the Gripped Fitness headsets. In terms of forward and playback for choosing songs, the headsets I’ve been using have a simple dial for that, and although it can be a little thing for others, as a former pro athlete when I’m working hard in the gym and I’ve set my device (iphone) down, I would find it easier to use the dial on my headset than reaching for my device. Like I mentioned, it’s a very little thing and maybe part of the next Equalizer V.4?

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