February 05, 2018

Hello all,

for those of you who do not know me I my name is Jesse James; Gripped Fitness Audio sponsored athlete. I am an actor, internationally published fitness model, and professional musician.

If you are new to the “fitness game” or have reached a plateau and are looking for a different perspective on getting past it? Then this article is for you, read on and I’ll give you a plan of attack that I personally use when approaching cut season for a show, movie role, or fitness shoot. This also works if you are just trying to live a healthier life while trying to lose a few pounds.


Game Plan

First and foremost this is the MOST important part of the plan. Without a plan how are you to gauge yourself and check your progress? What you’ll want to do is set yourself a REALISTIC GOAL, what this means is if you look like carrot top don’t expect to look like Terminator era Arnold Schwarzenegger in a few weeks lol. Trust the process and make slow steady improvements, you are more likely to stick to your plan and enjoy the process better than taking a shotgun approach and becoming frustrated that you can’t figure out what you’re doing.


Meal Plan

The second most important thing to plan is your meals, a HUGE part of how you’re going to lose weight will be here. Just like the old adage goes “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. This couldn’t be more true, my very first competition I though “eh I’ll just wing my diet and can eat clean if I go out”. Was I wrong here lol, if you give yourself room to veer off your diet YOU WILL take the exit ramp going 90 mph without a blinker from the far left lane of a 6 lane highway. The best way to prepare here depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you need a stricter diet for say a competition you’ll want to prepare your own food so you can regulate everything. If you are just trying to drop a few pounds then you have more room to work with. On my offseason diet I like to use Icon Meals for my mid day meal as they have numerous healthy meal options that vary per week. Even during my off season I try to eat a 80-20 diet, 80% clean and 20% whatever I want in moderation.



Next in line comes your workouts, don’t be that guy that goes to the gym and says “I just do whatever I feel like doing that day”. That should not be a badge of honor you wear daily, going this route will give you some results at first, but that newness will fizzle out and just kill your motivation. Plan out your workouts per day accordingly, if you can plan out your workouts per body part that’s ideal. I have some buddies who can’t make it to the gym all week so I help create a workout plan for them that will incorporate more compound movements and antagonist/agonist type workouts. This is more of a push/pull type workout where you can add say bench press then reverse flyes. A quick tip, whichever body part you are trying to “get big” move it to the first workout in your week. This will help you focus more energy on this muscle and will help it grow.



Where is the rest muscle and how do I work it out you say? Ha, that sounds kind of dumb to say but you may be guilty of this just as much as I am. You’ve planned out your entire week to revolve around working out and now you’re just supposed to take a day and not do anything? That’s right! Resting is just as important to let your body rebuild itself, without rest you turn your body into a catabolic state which will actually cause you to start losing muscle. I normally will take the weekend off (Saturday & Sunday) to catch up on thing around the house, spending more time with my fiancé and our dogs. Even during my rest day I still try to stay active just not workout related. During the summer times my fiancé and I like to take our dogs on walks in the woods, the fresh air and escape from technology is a also a mental refresh. Letting your mind rest is just as important as your body, you can be physically regenerated but mentally drained. A rested mind and body create a powerful combination to have laser like focus and hulk like results.


Revise your plan

If it’s not broken don’t fix it can apply to just about everything. I agree though here that it is 50% correct. For the most part I won’t change up my workouts for at least 6 months to a year if I am seeing results. It is true that you need to shock your muscles with new workouts and rep ranges so your workouts don’t become too easy and boring. There’s ways to do this the correct way and without being so drastic. If you are a newbie in the gym I would say stick to a plan AT LEAST 6 months before revising it. As you get more experienced you will know the signs when it is time to change something up. I went through just about any workout I could find on Bodybuilding.com to help me create the perfect physique. I say change only 1 body part per 6 months while you construct your workout. I can’t tell you how many workouts I’ve gone through to finally find what works for me. What worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Phil Heath, or Kai Greene doesn’t mean they will work for you. Take a body part from your favorite bodybuilder or physique guy/girl and see what they do for that muscle. Use their workout for 6 months and if it helps keep it, then move on to another body part. Once you have your ideal workout collage then try using that workout for a year. If you’re seeing results then stick with it until you want to bring a new lagging body part up and back to the drawing board.

I hope this article helps you get a better idea on how to approach your diet and workouts then gives you the motivation to stick with them. If you have any questions or want to let me know what you think make sure to visit my official website: www.JesseHuerta.com or add me on any social media site (links on my website footer) at @rollinsw0llen.


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