April 24, 2019

How to Choose Headphones Based on Your Favorite Music Genre


Everyone loves music - whether rock, pop, jazz, rap, oldies, folk, or alternative. Some people love all types of music while others are picky about what they consider "good".  While there are many brands and models to choose from, you are often faced with a question; "What do I look for in headphones?" It can be difficult to find a pair that is right for you however, your music genre should greatly help to narrow down your choices.

How to Pick the Ideal Headphones by Music Genre

Music is a personal experience. While your friends may like slower, softer tunes, you might love to listen to loud music. Although it affects us differently, we take the context of songs and relate it back to our own lives. For many of us, what we listen to is who we are. And while some are less conscious, the link between musical preferences and personality is so strong. Music genres appeal to different people and every kind deserves to be played with a compatible headphones to drive you to your best music experience.

What is Ideal for Rock

Music has a certain feel to it, but what creates this feeling? Bass, vocals, and guitar figure prominently in rock and metal music. Since this genre has a number of sub-genres, you would need a headphones that is highly versatile. One that performs across the range, with an intense energy and can play laid back tunes.

Deep bass gives rock and metal sense of power which is more often felt than heard. The ideal headphones have to bring out the best in low bass and mid-range frequencies. The headphones have to capture the slightest elements of your rock music which is an essential function that you need to consider when choosing your headphones.

What is Ideal for Pop

When we heard of “Pop Music” we instantly think of top 20 Ariana Grande hit songs. Pop is a genre of popular music that is catchy, fun, and relatable. Over the years it became more than just music. It is about music, singing, and dancing.

We have a common reason why we like pop music. It’s undoubtedly fun! Although this genre is not highly demanding when it comes to specs, you will need a pair of headphones that deliver loads of energy. One that has fast but controlled bass and clear mids and highs. The headphones shouldn’t sound harsh but can be easily accessed and used.

What is Ideal for Jazz

Alongside with Blues, Jazz has been known as America’s classical music. It is usually tonal that can serve to make certain moments in a piece of music to stand out. Jazz has relaxing qualities that can benefit the mood and has a great way to boost concentration. No wonder it is one of the most exciting genres in the world of music.

Choosing the best headphones is subjective. Why? Because this genre spreads out the instrumentation left to right. However, one with good soundstage will open up things considerably that will allow you to get a more live flavor with your experience. Soundstage lets you hear every instrument with clarity and realism. It allows you to feel the music like it’s surrounding you.

If you are into this genre, choose the headphones that have most smooth mids, tight bass that is fast and warm at the same time, and highs that are controlled but not harsh.


What is Ideal for Classical

Classical compositions are lengthy and if you are in the mood for this type of music, you must be a bit of a unique person. Someone who is inward-looking, quick-witted, and logical.

When picking the ideal headphones for this genre, choose one that provides impressive clarity and substantial attention to details. Considering that instrumentation in this type of music is subtle and delicate, similar to Jazz, soundstage is a key element that should comprise your headphones. And because most compositions are lengthy, the headphones should be comfortable enough for you to sit back and relax.

Depending on what genre you love listening to, there are few things to pickup on before diving in head first. Ideally, choose the headphones that could drive you to your best music experience.


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