April 05, 2019


Aaron Polites 

Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia

Height: 165cm

Contest Weight: 90kg

Off-Season Weight: 101kg

Occupation: Business owner

Athletic Background: Played football, basketball, and raced motocross

Hobbies/Interest: Travelling, the beach, and bodybuilding


Australian 212 bodybuilder Aaron Polites made history by winning the New Zealand Pro. He is the first ever Australian to win a debut show and qualify for the biggest show of the year, the prestigious Mr Olympia in Las Vegas later this year.
His victory did not come overnight. Aaron started his first competition prep in 2013 and competed for the first time in Australia's leading promoter Tony Doherty's show, Fit X in Melbourne which later became Australia's biggest show of the year known as the Arnold Classic Australia.
After years of hard work, Aaron gained his pro card status in 2017 which means he is ready to compete amongst the best in the world in a whole new ball game.



After 6 years and many shows later, it’s time for Aaron’s most important prep that would give him chance to qualify for the biggest bodybuilding show in the world, the Mr Olympia.
Aaron took things to the next level. He pushed his mind and body extremely hard in
order to be as competitive as possible.
“I suffered beyond words” Aaron stated, “I think I had 2 cheat meals in 6 months, in this sport if you bring your best ever That’s all you can do! I’m here to earn respect once that’s earned the rest will follow”. And the rest definitely followed.
So what does it actually take to get there? Aaron is a family man with a 2 year old son,Levi. He took great sacrifices for him to achieve his dreams. Countless hours in the gym, strict diets, while still trying to have family time and run a business, leave little or no time for leisure or even sleep most days.



But mindset was everything to Aaron. The double sessions in the gym day in and day out, repeat low calorie days leaving him depleted, laid up awake at night because he was starving, plus pushing through all the plateaus in the gym with next to no energy, Aaron needed to find a way to mentally get through it all each day.
“We all have our ways of getting through it. You know my main two things I did? I would listen to “Olympia” music whilst I trained and I had my sons name Levi stitched into my belt and I would check it constantly and tell myself “don’t let him see you quit or fail” because there’s that chance it may all workout like above and you can achieve greatness, it’s ALL in the mind, master the mind, and you’ve mastered it all”




But getting through it all was exactly what he did with flying colors. Aaron has his
reservations about the show. When he found out he was competing against Justin
Wessels, one of the best 212 bodybuilders to date, Aaron became extremely nervous. Justin was known for his extreme conditioning and no Australian has beaten him in over 20 years.
This prompted Aaron to question and doubt whether he would be able to achieve his dream. Not only was Aaron the youngest on stage which placed him at a disadvantage amongst veterans who had been training for many years. However, Aaron has the lightest weight, which caused him lose sleep, leading up to the show.
On the day of the show, Aaron swept everyone away and against all odds he not only took out the entire show, but he did it with a perfect score card, something that is unheard of.
“I just won my debut pro show.... I literally started crying so overwhelmed, I treated this prep like Levi’s life was on the line and it paid off, there’s too much to take in right now. The feeling is none I’d ever experienced, as the odds are stacked against you winning your first pro show, and I was feeling the pressure more than usual”


The Australian achieved his dream with relentlessness and humbleness. Showing us all that the underdog can prosper with nothing but a little (or a lot) of hard work, sacrifice and dedication.


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