October 06, 2018

Experience True Freedom with the GRIPPED FREE True Wireless Earphones

Don’t you just hate it when headphone wires slap your neck while working out? Let's face it — wires are generally annoying! They get tangled and magically tie themselves into the most frustrating knots! Same is true with neck bands and tethers when they get caught in your clothing and be uncomfortably yanked out. No wonder why more and more phone companies are ditching the headphone jack and taking the leap into wireless headphones.

Now prepare to be impressed with the well-rounded package that Gripped Fitness Audio managed to create: Introducing the new  GRIPPED FREE True Wireless Earphones— giving you the freedom to roam the world completely cable-free with no tangled cord nightmares to sort out. You won’t have to worry about getting tangled up in your own wires, making them absolutely perfect for exercising.

These true wireless earphones cut the cord between the earbuds out completely — offering a level of convenience, lightweight comfort, and flexibility that traditional Bluetooth(R) headphones can't match. GRIPPED FREE not only sounds just as good as its wired counterparts(GRIPPED Equalizers and GRIPPED Actives) but is also as reliable.

Get ready, we are about to help you get up close and personal with the GRIPPED FREE and surely, towards the end, you will be wanting to get your hands on a pair of them quick!




Micro-fit design, low profile and discreet music

Although theGRIPPED Equalizers and GRIPPED Actives are also portable, both models can’t easily fit inside your pockets. With the GRIPPED FREE,you have an easy-to-carry and clean out-of-the pocket earphoneanywhere, anytime.

For fitness fanatics, the secure fit trumps most other features of true wireless headphones. After all, you don’t want to be fiddling with your earbuds every few steps especially when there’s no cord to prevent them from falling to the ground. With the GRIPPED FREE, you won’t find this a problem at all. The earbuds have a micro-fit, ergonomic design, serving up a comfortable and exceptionally secure in-ear fit. All in all, it offers a subtle, mature look and a gym-friendly build.

As far as sound goes, it delivers high-quality Bluetooth(R) audio, complemented by premium materials and a comfortable fit to create a next-level listening experience. Despite how small it is, it delivers crisp highs, clear mids, and deep bass, allowing you to experience the highest quality possible across all types of music.

Easy pairing

The GRIPPED FREE pairs easily with your smartphone or any device via Bluetooth(R) so you can listen to your favourite music anywhere on the go with no trouble. Pairing is a breeze for both iOS and Android users and the connection is solid regardless of the operating system of your source device.

One touch call answering

Never miss a call while working out and navigate your playlists with the microphones integrated on to the earbuds. GRIPPED FREE gives you true wireless earbuds with a mic and a single control button, so you can power your run without breaking focus.

This new model strikes a balance between operability and layout with its creative and easy-to-use controls. Changing the volume of what you’re listening to or tinkering with audio tracks is no big deal!



Multiple silicon tips for all ear canal sizes

As is the case with all earbuds, you’ll want to make sure you get the best fit possible. Because no two pairs of ears are identical, the GRIPPED FREE true wireless earbuds come with multiple silicon tips for all ear canal sizes. What’s more, the design of these earbuds' silicon tips makes them almost impossible to shake out of your head—but you still keep a good deal of situational awareness, making the GRIPPED FREE a good choice for joggers or cyclists. While they are designed mainly with athletes in mind, they work equally as well for daily use.


10-meter wireless range

No matter how good a pair of wireless earphones sound, if they can’t maintain a connection, they’re useless. The GRIPPED FREE earbuds maintain sound integrity up to 10 meters away, which meansyou can do it all without reaching for your phone.

With its reliable wireless connection, you won't experience issues stemming from signal interruptions as well as audio drops from the left or right side during playback.

1-hour charge, 3 hour play time

The case protects the earpieces when not in use, and charges them simultaneously with a better-than-average 3 hours per charge — more than enough to get you through your workouts before hanging up the towel.

With the compact conductive portable charging system, your GRIPPED FREE earbud will never run out of battery.


Bluetooth(R) and battery technology have evolved leaps and bounds to gift us with truly wireless earphones. You no longer need to be tethered to your smartphone or sacrifice sound quality to get away with wires. And with that, comes ultimate freedom.

Are you ready to Be Truly Free?  Get your pair of GRIPPED FREES now!


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