April 05, 2018

We sat down with IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and recent Arnold Classic winner Roelly Winklaar to find out what got him started in the fitness industry, what keeps him going and what advice he can offer for anyone on their own fitness journey!

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Q. Why fitness?

Roelly: Because I used to play soccer "dutch futbal" but I got injured at my ankle and could not be selected anymore..


Q. What was the reason you first started training?

Roelly: My best friend Franky Balboa woke up one day and said lets start do bodybuilding!


Q. How does that compare to the reasons why you work out now?

Roelly: Then I did it as a hobby and just for the fun.. Now it has become my work so it is serious.


Q. Did you imagine that it would turn into the career you have today?

Roelly: No I never thought it would turn out to be my work as it is today.


Q. Is it difficult to separate working out for yourself, and for ‘work’?

Roelly: No because off season I am training for my prep too


Q. What are your personal goals?

Roelly: My goal was to look good and at every competition and to win.. Each time I compete I wanna Win.. My dream is to win the Arnold Classic and Mr O.. That is my number 1 goal right now. (Interview conducted only days before Roelly winning the Arnold Classic Australia) 


Q. Who inspires you? 

Roelly: When I was a amateur I loved Dexter Jackson and I still love him, he is as an uncle for me now.


Q. What is your favourite ‘lift’ at the moment?

Roelly:  I love training my legs.. anything legs is my favorite.


Q. Is there a particular area you’ve been focusing on more?

Roelly: I focus on my lower back and chest.


Q. What keeps you going on the hard days?

Roelly: Its like a day without laughter is a day you are not living. That is for me a day without training is a day that I'm not living.. What motivates me is I wanna win Mr O one day.


Q. What are your favourite times to use your Gripped Headphones? 

Roelly: When I am relaxing the most at home with some R&B and soul music.


Q. What has been your favourite moment throughout your fitness journey? 

Roelly: My favourite moment is Winning the New York Pro 2010 because I won it my first pro show and Mr O 2010 I won Rookie of the Year...


Q. What’s a random fact that many people wouldn’t know about you? 

Roelly: I love Candy especially Caramel and/or Chocolate.


Q. What advice would you pass on to someone in their own fitness journey? 

People that start I would say.. You can achieve anything you want because everyone can as long you want it.


Roelly Winklaar, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IFBB-Official-Roelly-Winklaar-Fanpage

Instagram: @roellywinklaar


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