November 09, 2017

Post Workout it’s important to take sugar along with your protein. The insulin spike rushes energy to your tired muscles, delivering the protein that you’ve taken so you can heal up and bulk up.

So, it only makes sense that weight gainers include sugar.

Here's The Rip Off

We’ve noticed a lot of weight gainers up their calories by increasing sugar. Instead of putting quality calories into the mix, they’ve taken to adding extra sugar. Basically, as a cheap substitute.

The Challenge

One of the hardest parts of bulking up is trying to avoid excess fat gain. Because we are increasing our daily calories so drastically, it’s not uncommon for some of the extra calories to be stored as fat. And, contrary to what some people may tell you… Excess sugar is a big contributor.

The "Dirty Bulk" Explanation

Say you’ve just finished a great workout, and you’re taking your weight gainer. Except, this weight gainer has overdone the sugar to boast higher calories per serving.

Sure, it’s great that all your protein will be delivered to those exhausted and hungry muscles. But what happens to all the excess sugar that your body can’t use? That’s right. It gets stored as Fat..

The Solution/Recommendation

So, what type of weight gainer do you need? Well, one that has great protein, quality carbs and only a small amount of sugar.

If you’re looking for our personal recommendation, then we would suggest MAMMOTH MASS.

It’s filled with everything we just mentioned. The clean, quality calories ensure that your body gets exactly what it needs to maximize the effects of your workout. 

So you can BULK UP LEAN! Without the unwanted fat gain. Get the chance to win BIG with a FREE Mammoth Mass Gainer and a Pair of Equalizer V3 Headphones. Check out the Facebook Post for Contest Details.


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