August 04, 2017


When people think 'arms', they think, 'biceps, biceps, biceps'. This has never made much sense to me, given that our triceps make up a larger proportion of our arms overall size. Lets look at 5 exercises to get those arms looking thick, strong and ripped. 


Tricep Dips (Parallel Bar)

This is one of the strongest upper body movements you can perform. Being a compound exercise, it uses several muscle groups, requires core strength & balance, strength & flexibility through the chest and shoulder capsule.

Remember to keep your elbows in close, this will target your triceps over chest as the main working muscle group. Get depth, feel your shoulders and chest stretch out at the bottom of the movement, a long muscle is a strong muscle. Lean slightly forwards engage your core and move through the motion with control, don't let your body swing.

If you don't have the upper body strength to start with bodyweight dips, start on a dip machine, worry about your form before how much you're lifting. For advanced trainers, hang some chainsaround your neck like Gripped athlete David Henry, or hang some plates from your belt.


Close Grip Bench

Another compound exercise for building strength and size. Keep those elbows in to isolate your triceps over chest but don't go too narrow with your grip as your lift will begin to feel awkward.

If you like superset training, try adding this in directly after bench to kill out those chest fibers at the same time, or do it before an isolated tricep exercise to pre-exhaust the muscle with a compound movement.

Tip: Try this exercise on a decline bench to get a solid squeeze through the top of the movement.


Skull Crushers

This is the strongest of the isolated exercises you can hit them tris with. It can be done on varying bench angles and with varying equipment, from an ez-curl bar, dumbbells, to using the cable machine.

Choose your weight with your head, not your ego. You're holding the bar over your face, after all, and as with all things, form will bring results over packing too much weight on the bar.

Keep your elbows in and concentrate on isolating your triceps instead of letting your elbows fall out and bringing your chest into the movement. Once you get more advanced, start with your elbows right up so the bar falls back over your head, not to your skull, putting even more load through your tris.


Tricep Rack Press

The last exercise is one of my favorites. Set up a smith machine or squat rack with the bar at chest height, place your hands on the bar as if you are doing a tricep pushdown, position your feet back so your body is on an angle towards the bar, hold you core strong and let your body go forwards so your head goes just under the bar, using your triceps bring your body back to the start position.

For more advanced trainers, position the bar lower.


Get out there and blast those tunes and those triceps!

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