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Whether you're new to this or you have been living in the gym culture for years, these simple, unspoken 'rules' should be known and respected by all.

If I were to simplify it into one sentence, I would say; Be aware of your surroundings, be polite and respectful to other members, and treat the equipment how you would like others to treat it if you owned it.

Let's look at a few of the finer points in more detail!



This is number 1 on my list. It's absolutely encouraged to leave the gym covered in sweat and possibly a little stinky (we are humans after all). However, it is absolutely unacceptable to arrive this way.

Shower up, use deodorant, and put on fresh clothes. The only thing worse than having someone's B.O. drift across your nose mid set, is being known as "that stinky guy/girl" around the gym.



Simple stuff.. Nobody wants to touch your sweat. And no.. 'taking off your t-shirt and 'using it as a towel' is not the same thing.



You can squat 5 plates a side.. Awesome! That takes a lot of hard work & dedication. You know what doesn't take a lot of hard work & dedication?! Putting your weights away and leaving the area ready for the next person.

Even if you found it in a mess, set an example and leave it tidy, you never know who is watching you. If that young group of guys aspiring to lift like you see you tidy up, they will probably mimic your actions.



  Maintain order

In 99.9% of gyms the rack will increase in weight from one end of the rack to the other.. Stick to the plan!


Don't crowd the rack. Pick up your DB and step back so others can get at the rack. Don't stand 'on' the rack doing curls, mirin' your shredded arms.. Do it a few feet back like the rest of us ;)


You're doing drop sets or super sets. Cool. Just remember, you're not the only person in the gym, don't grab 5 sets of dumbbells and surround yourself with them.. Jerk.



This is for squats, so unless you're curling 2+ plates a side.. GTFO! Most gyms only have 1 maybe 2 squat racks. Be mindful of this, especially in peak times. In & out, no messing about.



Want to spend your time at the gym on your phone? whatever dude, you do you.. Just go stand in the corner, away from all equipment and out of everyones way. Thanks.



You may be a world class coach, but unless someone approaches you and asks for your advice, stay in your lane. Guys, PLEASE hear me when I say this.. That girl does NOT want your advice. You're probably making her uncomfortable and being condescending in the process.

The only exception to this is if someone is putting themselves or other members in immediate danger.



Last but certainly not least, if someone has their headphones on, this is a BIG, clear sign saying "leave me the F*&K alone". Let them work.
Happy training =)

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James Boileau
James Boileau

July 21, 2017

They need to put a yellow line 1.5 meters away from dumbbell rack. This is so no one stands to close to rack so you can’t pick up Db’s. Does my head in when people think they are the only people training in the universe. Just saying.

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