October 18, 2017

Being featured in the newest Netflix documentary Generation Iron 2, Kai Greene headlines the athletes being showcased in the behind the scenes look at how life evolves in the high pressure and high-stakes world of professional bodybuilding. 

Through all the long hours in the gym, one thing seemed to be ever elusive for Kai, and that is the Mr. Olympia Title. Although he never officially won the title, he has gained respect and credibility in the industry to put him beside the biggest names known worldwide.

Aside from being known as one of the most entertaining and passionate athlete in the IFBB Pro Circuit, not a lot of people are aware of the creative and expressive side or “The Predator” Kai Greene.

From the numerous trials and tribulations and humble beginnings, Kai has been able to overcome adversity and define himself as a major contender for the Mr. Olympia title and has also cemented himself as an icon in the 20th-century bodybuilding.

Besides his bodybuilding career, did you know:

  1. He came from a difficult background, bounced from foster home to foster home. Bodybuilding was actually recommended to him by a teacher and became the motivation for him to rise above the statistics.


  1. He has taken second place in Mr. Olympian not once, but three times. The process to even be considered for My Olympia is difficult enough, but to have placed multiple times, is an incredible accomplishment.


  1. His first passion is art. I know that this may take many of you by surprise. We’re talking about the man so good at bodybuilding that he can win the Arnold Classic in his sleep. But, where the world sees an IFBB pro, Kai Greene is a painter and sculptor. And his masterpiece is his own physique.


  1. He is an actor. He is the star of the Netflix documentary Generation Iron 2. If you haven’t seen it already, you need to check it out. This man can truly do it all.


  1. He is the newest addition to our Gripped Sponsored Athletes Team. Here at Gripped, we are passionate about encouraging one another to rise above the status-quo and to be extraordinary. Kai Greene is an inspiration to every single one of us and reminds us to never let our circumstances determine our future.

We are pumped to welcome Kai as the latest member of #TeamGripped. Stay tuned for his upcoming feature page with his preferred choice for training audio with his Equalizer V3. Gloss Black Headphones.


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