001: 4 ‘Healthy Foods’ You Don’t Want In Your Diet

February 02, 2017


If you are on a fat loss diet right now, you might think you have a good handle on which foods are healthy and which are not. But, in many cases, seemingly ‘healthy’ food varieties are sneaking right past many people, giving them the illusion that they are eating healthy when they really aren’t.

So which of these foods might just have found a spot in your meal plan that should be given the boot?

Let’s take a closer look at four ‘healthy foods’ that really aren’t so healthy after all.


As far as snacks go, many people come to believe that popcorn is a decent choice for helping to keep your health in check and calories down. And while most varieties of popcorn are quite a bit lower in calories than the classic potato chip, you need to look at the ingredients in that popcorn.

Many use a variety of different unhealthy oils to give the popcorn some flavoring and can also be quite high in sodium as well.

The only popcorn you might want to consider having in your diet is one that you make yourself over a pot of hot water. This way you know exactly what you’re getting.


The next healthy food you’ll want to remove from your diet if it’s currently present is yogurt. Yogurt, many people think, is a good source of protein and will also offer some calcium to boot.

And it’s true – yogurt can contain a bit of protein and is definitely a good source of calcium as well. But check out the sugar content on your favorite yogurt. You might just be surprised at what you find.

Especially if you are choosing a fruit flavored variety of yogurt, there is often a great deal of added sugar into the mix.

Bran Cereal/Granola

Bran cereal is the popular breakfast choice for adults, as is granola. Both are deemed to be healthy and full of fiber. And they very well may be. But, look at the sugar content here as well.

Often, these cereals contain just as much sugar as the kiddie cereal that your child may beg for every time you go into the supermarket.

The best breakfast cereal if you need one is oatmeal. Choose that and you’ll be doing your body well.


Finally, the last food that you’ll want to rethink having in your meal plan is plain old milk. Your grandmother probably always told you that drinking milk was essential to promoting strong bones and milk does offer a good deal of calcium.

Unfortunately, it’s also quite high in sugar as well. The average glass of low-fat milk contains nearly 10 grams of sugar, so if you drink your three glasses a day, this is 30 grams of sugar you are putting into your body.

Choose other sources of calcium rich foods instead. Broccoli, low fat cheese, and Greek yogurt are all superior options.

So there you have a few of the worst foods that seem healthy but aren’t to get off your diet plan. Are any of these making their way into your program?


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